What is fue hair transplant with micro injector or laser hair transplant?

#Fuehairsurgery with laser hair transplant  or microinjector is misleading advertisement. Those clinics who advertise like #fuemicroinjectorhairtransplant or FUE hair trabsplant with micro injector are mostly run by hair technicians and not by doctors.#ishrsblackmarket compaign also fix our on these sort of inappropriate marketing techniques. #hairtransplantclinics who do such kind of #hairsurgeryvideos or posters should be reported to #ishrs.

how to cover the full head by mega hair transplant session ?

#Megasession of #hairtransplantPakistan is only available at #hairtransplantclinics with experienced hair transplant surgeon. Only those clinics with highly qualified hair transplant doctor#hairtransplantdoctor can deliver the maximum hairs in a single session. A #besthairtransplantteam with dedicated state of the art #hairtransplantfacility. Grafts preparation under 3-D microscopes can only give you the mega density in one session. #FUThairsurgery is the gold standard technique where we can get more than 5000 grafts with a fine scar. There is no such thing as scar less surgery in hair transplant so Both fut hair surgery and #fuehairtransplant ends with scarring.#Scaroffuehairtransplant are like cobble stone and #scaroffuthairtransplant is linear fine line. Be aware of those clinics who offer #discountsonhairtransplant and #lowcostFUEsurgery,. So always think wisely and choose wisely. Always look for the recommendation of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and chooseboard certi…

how to find the best reviewed hair transplant doctor in Pakistan and best cost of FUE hair transplant in pakistan?

Hair transplant surgery in Pakistan is mostly done in every city and most of the clinics are either run by untrained hair transplant doctors or by non qualified hair transplant technicians due to lack of check and balance on FUE hair surgery Pakistan.
Choosing the right clinic and best qualified hair transplant doctor among those is not an easy job.
Follow the tips below to select a hair transplant clinic.
Look for the experience for hair transplant surgeon. Since how long he is been practicing.
Choose or prefer that clinic solely performing hair transplant and not like that doing every signle procedure.
choose the doctor who perform all the hair transplant procedures including strip surgery or FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant and body hair transplant.
Dont choose the clinic who only perform the FUE hair transplant at low cost.
Look for ISHRS recommended hair transplant doctors in Pakistan.
Look for HRSP recommended hair transplant doctors in Pakistan.
Diplomate of American Boa…

what is the importance of Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in Pakistan?

unfortunately Pakistan is the country where hair technicians and quacks freely run their business in most of the small clinics at the basement of plaza where they pose as a hair transplant doctor, which is not only against the law but also very harmful for patient well being.
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and must be performed by a well trained and qualified hair transplant doctor. FUE hair transplant is considered as harmless surgery by patient and even is its being marketed as the scar free hair transplant or risk free hair transplant by the technicians which is totally wrong.If an un-qualified person will perform the procedure it will end up with some complications. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is being marketed under the following false headings :
Cut free hair transplant
scar free hair transplant
micro injector hair transplant surgery
FUE hybrid surgery
FUE hair transplant with no touch technique
Pain free hair transplant in Pakistan


Hair transplant by ISHRS , HRSP and ABHRS certified hair transplant doctor in Pakistan.

Hair transplant is an art and it takes years to master it.If you are quality conscious than do pay us a visit.
Dont save your money,save yourself from bad hair transplant. One mega session with 5000 plus grafts in FUT and results are after 1 year. Dr M jawad Chaudhry & Dr Sabahat jan
Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery 03008622266, 03028622266 , 03313515300 , 03163515300 , 0533515300 , 0533515400 Following  sentences used for hair transplant marketing are absolutely misleading and incorrect. scar less fue hair transplant no incision fue hair transplant no cutting fue hair transplant cloning for hair transplant non invasive fue hair transplant pain free fue hair transplant please be careful while choosing a qualified and recommended fue hair transplant doctor.

How to find Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration doctor (ABHRS) in Pakistan?

Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) is the highest most and the only certification the in the field of hair transplant surgery. Years of vigorous training and a tough exam is required to pass it and Dr M Jawads Chaudhry is the only Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) in the Gujrat. He is been doing hair restoration for the last 12 years after his post graduation from Cardiff university UK.

Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) not only make the doctor perfect but also provide him the guideline for positive hair transplant marketing.

FUE hair transplant guidelines by Hair restoration society of Pakistan HRSP.

FUE hair transplant guidelines are available both in Urdu and English to choose a best quality fue hair transplant in Pakistan. Best reviewed FUE hair transplant surgery doesn't means its good if its not according to the guidelines of hair transplant.Please safe yourself and your looks and do look who will perform your hair transplant surgery.

اپنی ہیئرٹرانسپلانٹ سرجری جہاں سےبھی کروائیں ان مراحل کو یادرکھیں  1۔ پہلہ مرحلہ:۔ ہیئرلائن بنانے کاعمل اگرڈاکٹر کررہاہےتو✅ ٹھیک اگر ٹیکنیشن کررہاہےتو ❌ غلط 2۔دوسرا مرحلہ:۔ بال نکالنے کی جگہ کی نشان دہی کرنےکا کاعمل اگرڈاکٹر کررہاہےتو✅ٹھیک اگر ٹیکنیشن کررہاہےتو❌غلط 3۔تیسرامرحلہ:- بال نکالنےوالی جگہ کوسُن کرناڈاکٹراور سٹاف دونوں کرسکتےہیں۔✅ 4۔چوتھا مرحلہ:۔ ‏FUE میں جڑیں نکالنےکاعمل صِرف اور صِرف ڈاکٹرہی انجام دےسکتاہے۔ یہ عمل اگرڈاکٹر کررہاہےتو✅ٹھیک اگر ٹیکنیشن کررہاہےتو❌غلط ضروع اطلاع:۔ جڑیں نکالناایک سرجیکل عمل ہےاوریہ صِرف اور صِرف ڈاکٹرہی انجام دےسکتاہےاگریہ کام ہیئرٹیکنیشن کررہاہےتونہ صِرف یہ غیرقانونی ہےبلکہ آپکی صحت اورجان کیلیئے بھی ٹھیک نہیں…